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p0f.fp.websigs.v0.4.0 155275 Feb 3 2002
p0f.fp.websigs.v0.4.1 156731 Feb 4 2002


	The signatures in p0f.fp.websigs are unverified; they have not
been individually checked for accuracy.  That said, they're probably
correct and probably safe to use in identifying remote systems.
	If you'd like to try them, do the following:

cp -p /etc/p0f.fp /etc/p0f.fp.backup
cat /etc/p0f.fp.backup | grep -v 'unverified$' >/etc/p0f.fp
cat p0f.fp.websigs.v0.4.1 >>/etc/p0f.fp	#Note the _two_ '>'s

	Because there will be over 3000 signatures, you'll need to edit
p0f.c and change:

#define MAXFPS 1000
#define MAXFPS 6000

	and then type:

make all
make install

	Stop and restart p0f, perhaps with:

/etc/init.d/p0f restart

	p0f will now be using the new signatures.  If you can verify any
of them, please let Bill Stearns at wstearns@pobox.com know so they can
be migrated over to the main database.

The files in this collection are part of William Stearns' software archive. If any of the links on this page do not work, you may be viewing an incomplete mirror. There is a complete list of the mirror sites at the starting page for this mirror and at the primary mirror.

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