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kpilot-2.0-1.spec 830 Feb 25 1998
kpilot-3.0.2-1.i386.rpm 352542 Oct 11 1998


Name        : kpilot                       Relocations: /opt/kde 
Version     : 3.0.2                             Vendor: (none)
Release     : 1                             Build Date: Sun Oct 11 19:09:57 1998
Install Date: (not installed)               Build Host: sparrow.websense.net.
Group       : X11/KDE/Utilities             Source RPM: kpilot-3.0.2-1.src.rpm
Size        : 1032972                          License: GPL
Signature   : (none)
URL         : http://www.slac.com/pilone/kpilot_home/
Summary     : KPilot -- 3Com Palm Pilot and IBM Workpad syncing software
Description :
KPilot is software for syncing the 3Com Palm Pilot and IBM
Workpad (UNTESTED!) with a machine running some flavor of unix.

Install with '--prefix $KDEDIR' unless you have KDE in /opt/kde

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