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Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie: The Book

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Hello, and welcome to Zapato Productions intradimensional. I — your humble site creator, Lyle Zapato — am pleased to offer you a wide selection of amazing discoveries, important theories, life-enriching tools, and other more frivolous diversions. Please take the time to browse through the site thoroughly, as every little bit is vital to a complete understanding of the whole. In fact, you should browse through it many times, as some content is only accessible in the fourth dimension. Furthermore, do try to read the site backwards and, if you get the time, in ROT13. You will be glad you did.

Much like Disneyland, the special effects in Star Wars movies, and logical systems, this site is never complete. Use the handy "What's New" box above or the Change Log page to find things that have been added or enhanced since your last visit. Deconstruct the rationale behind my change and email me your findings and you could be one of two lucky players who will receive good fortune in the new millennium. Hoc Age!

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AFDB For You!

Now Even the Poor Can Be Sane!

The Enemy Within

Are You Safe?

Kelvin Is Lord!

End Entropy Today!

Kelvin Is Neat!

For Kids Of All Ages! Even 12!

Cascadian Flag

Independence Now!

I Want You! For Sasquatch Militia

Defending Cascadia From Our Many Enemies

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