Jonas and Marion on the first build night
Last of the first build night shots.
May we present...... Ford.
Marion Bates marking out the vent holes for the CPUs.
Mark Ryan (left) and Bill Stearns, both apparently suffering from a simultaneous bout of narcolepsy. Good thing they're not responsible for anything expensive.
Two of the 4 tornado fans used in the system.
Bill's now recovered and has decided the CPU's run fastest when they're vertical. Jonas in the background is stripping the leads out of an old floppy cable to use as mounts for the tornado fans.
4x 250G drives for a total of a Terabyte of raw storage. Not counting the floppy, of course. The thin black cables are Serial ATA data cables.
2 air cleaners and the floppy/cd bays on the front.
Someone made the mistake of switching on the Tornados with Mark standing too close. Here Marion and Jonas desperately search for their MIA comrade.
Bill, Marion, and Jonas share a chuckle - someone had suggested running windows on this, I think.
Memtest86 was quite happy with the ram.
All the parts look good, with the exception of the fact that the CPU fans are exactly as tall as the inside of the case. Which makes for challenging airflow, since the air comes in through the top of the fans and is perfectly blocked by the top of the case. The solution? Well.....
No really, those are iron filings. Jonas has the dandruff problem completely under control.
There was some heated discussion over whether Coke or Sunkist produced a higher gloss finish.